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Course Outline (BOH4M)

William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute

Organizational Studies: Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources

Grade 12, University/College Preparation (BOH4M)

Teacher: Ms. Osier

Course Code: BOH4M

Textbook: Management

This course focuses on ways in which organizations deal with issues affecting their competitiveness in a changing technological and global business environment.  Students will analyze various leadership techniques and study various issues such as ethics in business, social responsibility, management of group dynamics, uses of information technology, workplace stress and conflict, motivation of employees, and globalization.  Students will also investigate the management of a diverse workforce within an organization and the importance of strategic planning.

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Any university or university/college or college preparation course in Business Studies or Canadian and World Studies.


  • The aims of the course are to provide students with opportunities to:
  • Identify the principles of Canadian business and examine the individual components that interact and influence the business environment. 
  • Identify the appropriateness of various organizational structures.
  • Relate specific skills, abilities and administrative qualities to the management of physical, human and information resources and the effective administration of an organization. 
  • Examine the effect of change on an organization and to determine the methods used by administrators to anticipate and adjust to future change.
  • Evaluate the effect of social issues and value conflicts on the business environment.
  • Determine the skills and abilities required for effective business administration.

Course Content:

Unit 1: Introduction to Management Theory

Unit 2: Planning

Unit 3: Organizing

Unit 4: Leading

Unit 5: Controlling

Unit 6: Issues Facing Managers In The New Century


Assessment and Evaluation:











Minimum Course Requirements:

To earn a credit in this course, students must have;

  • An overall evaluation of 50% or greater
  • Completed all major projects
  • Completion of the final projects
  • Completion of the final exam
  • Returned course resources and textbooks in good condition

Class Conduct:


It is a proven fact that is difficult, if not impossible, to learn if you are not present in class.  Each student is expected to be involved, interested, take a lead where possible, displaying leadership skills.  This course is your course.  If you want to get the most out of it, participate!

When presentations are made in class, each student is expected to be attentive, interested and contribute to the overall success of the presentation.  This may be achieved by asking questions or contributing information, which may help presenters to display their knowledge of their topic. 

Assignments and Projects:

Unless otherwise instructed by the teacher, ALL assignments and projects submitted for marking must be keyed on a computer. 

Deadline Dates: 

  • An absolute due date will be established when an assignment is given out.  Any assignments not handed in on this date, will be assigned an incomplete mark.  
  • In the event of an absence on a due date or a test/quiz date, a student must bring in a note from a parent on the day the student returns from the absence. If the student does not, then they will receive a zero.  
  • If you are over 18 and miss a class where a test is scheduled or an assignment is to be handed in, then you must provide a parent note or doctor’s note saying that you were ill for that day.  Failure to provide this note will result in a zero. 

Simple Rule for Success: 3R Rule

Respect yourself!  Respect one another!  Take Responsibility for your learning!

Welcome to class!  I look forward to teaching all of you!